Programming a Motorola CDM1550
w/Professional CPS software

Note: This document is not designed to be the be-all-end-all of how-to's on programming a motorola CDM1550 with the Professional CPS software. It is designed to be a quick check list to make sure at least the basics are met for programming a typical customer layout in a trunking system (with maybe a conventional Talk Around thrown into the mix). 


1. ____ Delete pre-sets (all that it will let you delete)

Delete unneeded conventional channels, if needed. 

Delete all but one Personality Assignments to zone

2. ____ Figure out number of systems your layout will have.

____ Add this number of channels to "LS Trunking" section:

____ Add this number of personalities to "Personality Assignment to Zone" section. 

Open each Personality you just created and under the Zone tabs settings:

Note: The best way to set the layout up is to have your trunking systems put in consecutively, with any conventional (Talk Arounds) added at the end. The desired results should be that LS Trunking site 1, LS Trunking Personality 1, and Personality Assignment to Zone 1 all correspond to each other

LS Trunking site 2, LS Trunking Personality 2, and Personality Assignment to Zone 2 should all correspond to each other. Etc. etc.

3. ____ Under "LS Trunking section" - open each channel property settings and configure:

System settings tab:

Repeater settings tab:

Default settings tab:

4. ____ Under "Personality section" 

Site Personality settings tab:

Group IDs settings tab:

Scan Settings tab:

5. ____ Under Scan List settings:

General, TX Configuration, and Advanced settings tab:

List tab settings:

Alias Personality Group
1 LS-Trk1, AG LS Trunking-1 All Group
2 LS-Trk2, AG LS Trunking-2 All Group
3 LS-Trk3, AG LS Trunking-3 All Group
4 LS-Trk4, AG LS Trunking-4 All Group
5 LS-Trk5, AG LS Trunking-5 All Group
6 LS-Trk6, AG LS Trunking-6 All Group
7 T/A Conventional-1 Group-1
8 Unassigned Group-1

6. ____ Personality Assignment to Zone settings:

Zone settings tab:

Channel settings tab:

The screens will look similar to this:

Personality Assignment to Zone -1 of 7
Zone Channels  
Alias Personality Group
1 N. Dallas LS Trunking-1 1


Personality Assignment to Zone -2 of 7
Zone Channels  
Alias Personality Group
1 S. Dallas LS Trunking-2 1


Personality Assignment to Zone -3 of 7
Zone Channels  
Alias Personality Group
1 Ft. Worth LS Trunking-3 1

Note: On some Motorola radios that use Professional CPS software, if you have only conventional channels, it will appear that you cannot add channels because the button to do so is grayed out at the bottom of this screen. Hold your mouse over this screen and right click. On the pop-up menu, select "Add at end." Add as many conventional channels as you need to at this point and configure them similar to above. You can have every single setting correct, but if you don't add the channel to the Personality Assignment to Zone, you will get a continuous tone when you key up on these channels.

7. ____ Remember to set the buttons up appropriately.