Information on Thomson Education Direct's
Communication Technicians course:


Communication Technicians course Information:

Learning Telecommunications at Home

Your complete at-home learning experience includes:

Special Supplements
Toll-Free Instructional Support
Student ID Card/Handbook
Color Code Wheel
Tools, Kits, and Samples
And Much More

Cost: $1,098 dollars, books, lessons, tools, etc., included.


Here's a look at the specifics -- what you'll learn and the materials you'll receive as a student in the Education Direct Telecommunications Technician Program.

Instruction Module 1

Learning Strategies

Introduction to Telecommunications

Instruction Module 2
The Nature of Electricity
Insulators, Conductors, and Batteries

Practical Exercise 1
Learning Aids:
Component Color Code Wheel
Resistor Parts Kit


Electronics Workbench" Demo CD-ROM

Instruction Module 3

Ohm's Law and Circuit Analysis
Magnetism and Electromagnetism
Capacitors and Inductors

Practical Exercise 2
Learning Aids:
Telephone Schematic
Ohm's Law Parts Kit
Analog VOM Meter

Instruction Module 4
Alternating Current in Electronic Circuits
Inductors in AC Circuits
Capacitors in AC Circuits
Transformers for Electronic
     and Other Applications

Instruction Module 5
Experiments with DC Theory Rectification and Basic Electronic Devices
Basic Semiconductor Components:
Basic Semiconductor Components:

Practical Exercise 3
Learning Aid:
Semiconductor Parts Kit
Electronics Workbench -- Student Edition

At this point in your program, you will need to have access to an IBM -compatible PC with the following minimum hardware and software requirements: 486 or better, Windows 95. Windows NT, or Windows 3.1; 8MB of RAM (12MB for Windows NT); CD-ROM drive; 20MB of hard disk space; Microsoft-compatible mouse.

Instruction Module 6
Computer Applications in Telecommunications
Experiments with Basic AC Theory
Troubleshooting with Meters
Using Basic Oscilloscopes Experiments with Electronic
Measurement and Troubleshooting

Instruction Module 7
Electronic Hardware
Switching Devices
Practical Exercise 4
Soldering Station
Soldering Tools
Stanley Diagonal Cutters
Stanley Needle Nose Pliers
Stanley Long Nose Pliers
Wire Strippers
Soldering Practice Kit

Instruction Module 8
Reactance and Impedance
Resonant Circuits
Applications and Troubleshooting
     Resonant Circuits
Experiments with Resonant Circuits
Practical Exercise 5
Learning Aid:
Component Parts Kit

Instruction Module 9
Rectifiers and Power Supplies
Fiber-Optic and Optoelectronic Components

Practical Exercise 6

Learning Aid: Introductory Fiber Optics Kit

Instruction Module 10

Modulation and Detection Circuits
Electronic Devices and Amplification
Audio and R-F Circuits
Oscillators, Feedback, and Waveform Generators
Electronic Power-Supply Systems
Practical Exercise 7
Learning Aid:
Solder Evaluation Kit

Instruction Module 11
Introduction to Telecommunications Technology
Amplitude Modulation: Transmission
Amplitude Modulation: Reception
Single-Sideband Communications
Frequency Modulation: Transmission
Modern Electronic Communication
Study Guide: Telecommunications Technology Part 1

Instruction Module 12
Frequency Modulation: Reception
Telephone Technology
Communications Techniques
Digital Communications: Coding
     Techniques and Transmission
Network Communications
Practical Exercise 8
Learning Aids:
Telephone Connector Crimper
Tool Telephone Connector Parts Kit
Study Guide:
Telecommunications Technology, Part 2

Instruction Module 13
Transmission Lines
Wave Propagation and Antennas
Waveguides and Radar
Microwaves and Lasers
Fiber Optics
Study Guide:

Telecommunications Technology, Part 3

Graduation Module
Work Experience Option
Fluke Multimeter
Xcelite Nut Driver and T-Handle Set
Technician's Tool Case
NARTE Technician Class IV Certification Test Voucher
One-year NARTE Membership
One-year Subscription to NARTE News

Endorsed by the National Association of Radio and Telecommunications Engineers (NARTE)

Your Telecommunications Technician Program has been endorsed by the National Association of Radio and Telecommunications Engineers (NARTE), a worldwide certification organization representing a standard of excellence in the communications field. Since its founding in 1982, NARTE has certified over 13,000 Telecommunications and Electromagnetic Compatibility engineers and technicians. Your NARTE certification and membership tells employers you have the training and skills to do the job.