Programming a Kenwood TK-863G/373
Step-by-Step Instructions



Note: This document is incomplete and will be completed as time permits



Trunking Instructions

Conventional Instructions




Select "Trunking" and Enter a System Name




Click "Sys Edit"



Enter the EncID DecID Grp Name (EncID and DecID are assigned from the code database. Do NOT just make one up!)


Click "Repeater"


Enter the Home Repeater and the frequencies for the repeaters.  When finished click "Close"


Click "Sys Data" and select either Wide or Narrow and click "Close"


Click "Grp Data" and if you selected "Narrow" in the last screen, click the checkbox next to "Compander" and click "Close"



Repeat these steps for each trunking system to be programmed into the radio.



Select "Conventional"


Enter the "System Name" or label, such at T/A for Talk Around.

Click "Sys Edit".  Enter the Receive and Transmit frequencies, the QT/DQT tones and the Grp Name.  Also select Wide or Narrow and High or Low power if necessary.



If you select Narrow under Power, Click "Grp Data" and click the checkbox next to "Compander"



Repeat the steps for each conventional channel to be programmed into the radio.




Click "Edit" and "Optional Features"


Enter the Data Password, the Power on Text. Set the "TX Inhibit Time" to 0.5 and Check "Off Hook Decode".  If the radio is a Tk-373G, check "Battery Warning".(Battery Warning must be set in Tuning Mode if used) Click "Close".


Click "Edit" and "Key Assignment"


Key Assignment will vary between customers, but this is a general setup below.  When you are finished, click "Close".



Click "Edit" and "Scan Information"



Check "Off Hook Scan" and click "Close" (Off Hook Scan is grayed out on TK-373G radios because there is not an external microphone.)