Q4 CCNA Pop Quiz

Created by Jay Banks
Instructions: Answer all of the following questions. Click the "check your answer" button following the questions to check your answers.

1. NetBEUI is a routable protocol:

2. A coworker is asking you questions about IP addresses. During the discussion, he produces a list of IP addresses and wants you to pick out the addresses that are not routable over the Internet. From the following choices, which addresses are not publicly routable?

3. ARP is used to...

4. Choose the main access methods that reside at the Data Link layer of the OSI model. (Choose Three)

5. In North America and Japan, ISDN PRI has an aggregate bit rate of  .

6. By default, routers forward all SAP (Service Advertisement Broadcasts) broadcasts:

7. Which SAP (Service Advertisement Broadcasts) ID number represents a print server?

8. To determine if the correct number of bits in a transmission was received, what two forms of parity bit error checking are used?

9. RIP updates are sent every .

10. The default updater timer for IGRP is set to .

Extra credit.



CCNA Matching

Object: Match the PDU to its corresponding layer of the OSI model.

Instructions: Type the letter of the phrase on the right that matches the one on the left. Click the "correction" button to see if they are all right (incorrect answers will be cleared).

1. Session and above a. Segments
2. Transport layer b. Packets
3. Network layer c. Frames
4. Data Link layer d. Data
5. Physical layer e. Bits



What type of cables, straight or crossover, are required to connect between the following devices?
1. Workstation to Workstation: Straight  Crossover Answer:
2.Workstation to Switch: Straight Crossover  Answer:
3. Workstation to Router: Straight Crossover Answer:
4. Hub to Hub:  Straight Crossover Answer:
5. Hub to Workstation: Straight Crossover  Answer:
6. Hub to Router: Straight Crossover  Answer:
7. Hub to Switch: Straight Crossover Answer:
8. Switch to Switch:  Straight Crossover  Answer:
9. Router to Router:  Straight Crossover Answer:
10. Router to Switch:   Straight Crossover Answer:





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